What if I don't speak Russian...

But I still want to order balloons for my loved ones.

My dear friend! You're in the right place and the time is also right! :)))
Let me introduce myself. My name is Katherine and I'm both the owner of this balloon design studio and the author of this website and its content.

Luckily I can speak English and some time ago I realized that it might help someone! For example, if you work or travel in Russia spending some quality time and you're having a party coming soon... This is exactly the case when you need our balloon delivery!

Or you may possibly live abroad but the people you love  live (or work, travel etc.) here in Russia. And in this situation you may also need the balloons to congratulate them on some occasion or cheer them up.

To put it in a nutshell we can help you in any case. Right now we are working in Moscow and in the South East of Moscow Region. But if your delivery destination isn't here we are still able to help because we know the market perfectly well and we'll find someone in any place you need.

TO ORDER BALLOONS you've got 2 options:

1. Find any picture with balloon decorations on the Internet (or the screenshots from our website) and send it to us. Don't forget to mention the date and time and the address of the delivery you need to organise. We will make you an offer. Send your images:
to e-mail: info@sharikolub.ru
to WhatApp: +7(925)727-39-54

2. Make an order directly from this website (www.sharikolub.ru) following the further instructions. Be aware of leaving your e-mail (or contact us by WhatsApp +7(925)727-39-54 after ordering) because I'm not always at the studio and my managers don't speak English :( and if you do contact me I will react as soon as possible.

1. Check our catalogue first. Some tips for you:

- Latex balloons
- Foil balloons: shaped and small.
- Number balloons
- Confetti balloons
- LED light balloons
- Personolised balloons
- Heart-shaped balloons

- Bouquets
- Sets
- Boxes

- By character
- By colour
- By occasion
- By recipient

2. Add the balloons you would like to order to the cart. Press the cross sign and chose whatever else you want. 

3. You can change the amount entering the cart. Find the cart sign and click it. Then chose quantities.

Press "make an order" -> ОФОРМИТЬ ЗАКАЗ button

4.  Fill in the delivery form. Send your order/

We will contact you as soon as possible!

As you are not a Russian resident we can execute and deliver your order to the recipient if only it is prepayed.
After getting your order and discussing all the details we'll be able to give the overall price (it depends on the region of delivery and the balloon prices if the regionis not ours). Then we'll send you the artisan's bank card number or account.
Pay attention: we only send this data via or official e-mail: info@sharikolub.ru or phone number: +7(925)727-39-54.


1. All of the latex balloons are stuffed with the Hi-Float coating which make them float or keep the shape longer (they float from 3 to 30 days depending both on the balloon type and the weather).

2. Our policies are safe. And you agree not to chew/swallow/pop etc. the balloons or not to inflate/reinflate them with your mouth to keep yourself not injured. Remember: balloons are decorations! And you also promise not to let the balloons fly up to the sky because it can cause the electricity emergencies or some ecological harm.

3. We only use the licensed materials.

4. We deliver our balloons in time. In case of any trouble we will definitely and without delay connect you and solve all the problems. So, don't worry.

5. If you have any other questions you can contact us by e-mail or WhatsApp.

6. We've been working as SHARIKOLUB since 2014 and we love what we do.